5 more spring cleaning tips for your commercial kitchen

If you found our Five Spring Cleaning Tips for your Commercial Kitchen a useful post, then read on for these five additional tips for a truly deep Spring Clean this year.

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1. Stockroom

Now is the time to give your stockroom a serious clean out. Remove everything from the shelves in order to wet clean them and allow them to dry. Where necessary also wipe down storage containers that can collect dust. Use this opportunity to take a stock check and to rotate stock.

2. Toilets

Whilst your toilets should be cleaned daily and checked hourly, Spring is the time to make sure that they are properly maintained too. Wash down all the paintwork and dust the ceiling and light fittings. Assess whether there are any maintenance jobs that need looking at (e.g. peeling paint, fixing door locks, hand driers, window catches or leaky taps) and have these seen to as part of your Spring clean.

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3. Power wash external areas

Whether it’s an area where diners eat al fresco, or simply a staff-only area where you store empty kegs and boxes, you need to make sure that your outside area is cleaned each Spring. Use a power washer or pressure washer to get into all those nooks and crannies.

4. Bin stores

It’s easy to overlook bin stores, but keeping them clean is really important if you want to keep your kitchen hygienic and prevent the likelihood of pests. Whilst you are cleaning your outside area also give the bin area a really good clean and pressure wash the bins themselves. Also check that the bins are in a good state of repair and replace if necessary.

5. Furniture maintenance

From your chairs and tables to equipment such as bottle coolers, use Spring as your annual opportunity to assess wear and tear with a maintenance check. Cleaning furniture, re-oiling, or fixing equipment should be done as part of your annual spring clean. Equipment such as the bottle coolers found at https://www.fridgefreezerdirect.co.uk/commercial-bottle-coolers/double-door-under-counter-bottle-coolers need to be emptied and thoroughly cleaned out, checking for pools of water, which may be a sign of a fault, or for areas that need defrosting.

These five additional tips for spring cleaning are sure to make your commercial kitchen and surrounding areas fresh, hygienic and looking great for the year ahead.