Helping Each Other in Tough Times

My sister wasn’t feeling too well a few weeks ago. She was having some intense pain and needed me to get some pain medicine from the store. I told her that I had something better than all of the pain pills that could ever be found in the store, and rushed over to bring her a Soma pill. After she took the pill, she was shocked at how well it worked to get rid of the pain. In just a short time, she was moving around as if the pain was never there in the first place. After seeing just how great the pill really was, she decided to order some for herself.

Interestingly enough, a similar incident happened to my mother a few weeks later. My father was out of town with my sister and my mother started to have some pain, so I told her that I would bring her a pill as well. She had never heard of the pill, so when I told her about it, she thought it was one of those trendy new things that all of the kids were using. She took the pill and just like my sister, she loved what it had done and needed to have a stash of them for herself.

In all of the eagerness to help everyone else out, I forgot to get some more of the pills for myself. I had a bad headache one day, and I looked in the cabinet to see that I didn’t have any left. I had to call my sister and ask her to let me use one of hers. She came over and gave me one and the headache went away. I guess sometimes I have to rely on others just as much as they have to rely on me.