She Wanted Her Frown Lines Gone

When my mom told me she was going to a Singapore aesthetic clinic to get her frown lines removed, I honestly did not know what to make of that. I am all for making yourself look beautiful, but I had always thought that was done with the magic of make-up. I was not sure what my mom was getting herself into when she said she wanted to get these frown lines removed via injections, so I asked her for the website of the clinic so I could investigate this a little more in depth.

I realized rather quickly that I had it all wrong when I looked at the information on the website. I thought the procedure was going to be a lot more invasive than what it was. I liked that this clinic provided quite a bit of information on their website about the different services that they provide as well as descriptions of the different steps for the procedures. There are even videos there for people who want to see a visual example of what is going to happen. Of course, I had to look at those too because I was simply fascinated after learning about the different aesthetic procedures that this clinic offers to its patients.

For my mom, I knew how much her frown lines had been bothering her, especially after turning 65 several months earlier. For some reason, that was the magic number that had her looking at herself with a fine-toothed comb. Though she was not asking for it nor did she need it, I did give her my blessings to have this procedure done. It was extremely easy and fast, but the best part is that it worked. She had to have several injections, and the end result is that she looks so much younger now.