A Time to Ask for Help

Overall, I have always been a good student in school. I made high marks in my grades. My teachers would always brag to my parents about my academic success in school. A lot of my classmates despised me because I was very studious. They were mad because I always ruined the grading curve. I was not worried about them I was focused on my education. When I got to college, it was a different story. The classes were a lot harder for me. I struggled in physics. I could not believe it. I search for Singapore physics tuition to help me.

My introduction into college was very harrowing. My major was physics. I thought college would be a breeze. The classes did not seem very hard at first, but I was wrong. I was very arrogant in my academic skills. I did not take into consideration that college moved at a faster pace than high school. I did not take my classes as seriously as I should have. I waited to do some of the assigned reading at the last minute. Sometimes, I did not read the chapters at all. I paid for my arrogance. I noticed that I got less than stellar grades on my quizzes and assignments. I buckled down with my other classes, but I was struggling with physics.

I tried to improve my grade in physics, but I was too far behind. The work was becoming too hard. One day, my professor gave me my test paper that had a bad grade. She told me to see her after class. My professor suggested that I get a tutor. I was unwilling at first. I felt that I was smart and I did not need a tutor. I thought about my GPA and decided to get the tutor. She helped me get my grades up.