I Love Getting Nail Art

I have always had a hard time doing my own nails. I am not talking just painting them either. When I do my nails, they are not nearly as nice as when they are professionally done. I got my first manicure and pedicure after I won a gift certificate for both at a fundraiser that I was at. I was so excited and immediately made an appointment to have both dione. I was so happy with the finished product that I knew I would always have them professionally done from that point forward.

When I would go, I would just get the basics done for the longest time. I then moved on to acrylic extensions, which I absolutely loved. I still stuck with just a solid color, not wanting to be too brazen in my nail choices. I have seen others with some beautiful nail art, but I just did not think it would look good on me. I decided to venture out some more though about a year ago. I wanted to see if nail art would look good on my own nails, so I talked to the nail tech who normally does my nails.

She was so happy that I was inquiring because she had been after me for the longest time to just try getting something done even once. She showed me some designs that were nice but subtle because she knew that I did not want anything bold. She showed me one that has a soft pink nail polish, and each finger had a different flower on it. They were all in the same family though so it did not look out of place. I love wildflowers, so I opted to try that. She did such an amazing job on my nails, and I am getting more bold in my choices now.