Is smoke cleanup important?

Fire is very destructive for any living or commercial place. Everyone does not realize how much the elements of fire are harmful for a place. The smoke odor, soot and charred structure overtake the walls, ceilings and all things present in house that were not burnt by fire. It is necessary to take immediate action after fire extinguish and call fire and smoke cleanup and restoration company otherwise the smoke odor and soot will become long lasting.

This smoke and soot residues not only disturb you mentally but also hazardous for health. This is harmful for babies, elders and people having respiratory issues like asthma, allergies and others.

Fire is a disastrous and deep-rooted experience for your house and people. You may lose your house, valuable and cherished personal keepsakes and belongings. Even a small fire can produce enough smoke to damage and discolor your area. If you do not start cleaning up and restoration process right away, smoke enters your upholstery, carpets, curtains and walls, leaving them smelly and unfit for use.

You must act immediately and call fire and smoke cleanup pros to help you. Meanwhile, you can shut off air conditioner to stop spreading smoke. Turn on fans and exhaust fans for ventilation and open windows and doors to release smoke out of areas. This will lower smoke damage and reduce the cleaning cost. Remove your valuables and remaining things, electronics and clothes from affected area. 

Fire and smoke affect differently to house contents that are made of different materials and only a professional and experienced smoke damage cleanup and restoration technician can handle the situation. They have suitable equipments and latest technology to clean and restore every content back to pre-fire condition. They use respirators and protective gear when cleaning up smoke and soot particles.

First of all, fire and smoke cleaning workers make sure that fire affected area is safe to enter and then start inspecting the area to make an assessment of damage and restoration cost. It is important to identify the source of fire to repair it and to prevent further fire incidents.

They inspect the structure of building for safety assessment and to decide which area need rebuilding and repair.

Then make a list of all contents, divide them according to their conditions. Decide which things are salvageable and need cleaning and restoration treatment and which things must be discarded. Valuables and artwork contents need consideration. Fabrics material contents goes to drycleaner or laundry, as per their condition. Furniture is cleaned inside or outside the home.

Open food items are better discarded and unopened things that are away from direct heat, can be used.

If salvageable things need to transfer to a cleaning facility, pack them carefully. The cleaning pros know how to clean and restore these contents. They make an inventory of all contents, to file for insurance claim for compensation.

These cleaning experts are highly trained and fully skilled in using state-of-art equipment to cleaning up, removing smoke, odor and soot particles permanently from house and contents. They remove debris, ashes and charred wood from area to start restoration and rebuilding.