Recover Tactical 20/20 Mag Holder

There are so many different accessories for guns out there. For your Recover Tactical 20/20, you can get a mag holder. This purchase should be less than a hundred dollars. You can even get one online at the many stores. You can mount into the Recover Tactical stabilizer. In doing so, it also multi-purposes as a grip.

    Additionally, you can attach the mag holder to a Weaver/Picatinny rail. There is a quick-release button for easier attachment. The Recover Tactical 20/20 mag holder is generally made out of a lightweight polymer. This helps to keep the overall weight of the gun down. It is reinforced with glass so you can see if the Glock is loaded.

     All in all, you will find that this magazine holder works with 9 mm/.40S&W/.357 Glock magazines. These are what your gun should use so it’s important to just keep in mind your bullet size when you are repurchasing.

      The magazine holder is good for people that like to stay organized. You have everything that you need at your fingertips this way without having to ruffle through a bag to reload. This is ultimately important in high stress, high action combat situations.

      Finding your way to the right weapon can be a journey. Once you have found yours, you just need to focus on purchasing the accessories that make it more worthwhile. There are plenty of gun accessories on the market, but a magazine holder is perhaps one of the most worthwhile.

      The magazine holder is not that much more weight, but it is certainly worthwhile. You will find that you will have to pack less weight in other areas of your uniform if you simply get the right accessories. There are also straps to make carrying the weapon easier on your body.