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A temp agency works for a corporation to fill temporary positions limited to a selected period of your time. The positions are often both frequently both short and long-term and may extend from entry-level to C-suite. Temp agencies regularly help to fill seasonal positions, for instance, retail positions over the Christmas holidays or positions at vacation destinations during the eight seasons.

Temp agencies offer client companies the services of temporary employees who possess specific skills. This arrangement can provide a client organization with required assistance during peak demand periods, staffing deficiencies, or the vacations of normal employees, without requiring the time, cost, and long-term commitment of hiring a replacement employee. Temp agencies normally undertake to recruit and terminating choices, issue paychecks, withhold payroll taxes, and contribute for joblessness insurance, workers’ compensation, and Social Security for the workers serving in their customer’s places of business.

We comprehend that it takes an incredible heart to open up to somebody with a business that needs outrageous commitment and devotion; however, SCION Staffing has your back in such a manner. no matter whether you’re attempting to locate an accomplished proficient else you would like an up to date staff to need your business to a completely new level, we provide you the group best appropriate for you. Scion Staffing’s Portland branch may be a leading temporary services agency and executive recruiting firm performing on behalf of expanding corporations, technology companies, brands, and nonprofit organizations. We place exceptional candidates within the Greater Portland, Oregon Metro region and across us.

 SCION Staffing is the ideal stage for those attempting to get business predictable with their inclinations. We provide a medium that creates a solid connection between the business and along these lines the representative, therefore the two players get a most extreme preferred position of every other during a stunning climate. You’re just one tick distant from your fantasy work. Just hit the ‘apply’ and verify that you simply basically are going to be selected by the preeminent rumored associations that esteem your ability.

 What we specialize in?

 We are resolved to append the capable associations and enterprises with the meriting and capable experts that are wanting to figure by and enormous to prevail significantly.

 It is our rationale, like being a socially dynamic organization like hiring office on the online, to cause the simplest in our general public by associating qualified competitors with corporate customers all at once that they join and appreciate one another.

 It is an award-winning temporary staffing agency and executive search firm that connects leading corporations, startups, and nonprofit organizations with impeccable talent throughout us. The Business Times has recognized Scion as a number one staffing firm for Retained, Contingent, and Temporary Services for the past thirteen years running, and Scion was recently awarded to the 2018 list of Best Executive Recruiting Firms within the World. Staffing solutions for technology, engineering, finance, and accounting organizations in Portland and Seattle. We are focused on the health and safety of our workforce, clients, and the greater community.