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As a home-owner, you’ll find that your garage door isn’t working properly. To guard against being scammed by a garage door repair company here’s ‘Four Common Reasons Your Garage Door may have Service. The door moves on metal tracks on the garage walls, and an important spring or springs provide the facility. In most cases when the door doesn’t work easily, repairs are fairly simple.

Malfunctioning Photo-Eyes: A common reason for a garage door not closing is often a malfunctioning photo-eye. Photo eyes are there to stay the garage door from closing if an object passes through the infrared beams. Photo-eyes got to be lined up correctly; if the alignment is thrown off it’s going to cause your garage door to not close.

Broken spring: Another common reason for your garage door not working may be a broken spring. A spring provides tension to assist your garage door opener to lift your garage door. Springs are typically directly above the garage door near the wall. It’s important to notice that if you’ve got two springs on your garage door.

Malfunctioning remote: If you’ve discovered that there’s no issue together with your photo-eyes or garage door spring, another thing to see is your remote to your garage door opener. If you discover that it’s just one garage door remote that doesn’t work correctly, your remote may need a replacement battery.

Noisy Garage Door: Noisy doors are quite common and there are often a few reasons why your garage door is noisy. This issue can sometimes be fixed with a manufacturer recommended lubricant. Hinges, rollers, and comes should be lubricated regularly to stay these parts running smoothly for several years.

Garage Door Repair Virginia Beach VA:

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Garage Door Repair Williamsburg VA:

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Garage Door Repair Hampton VA:

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