Custom accessories to leave everything with your style

Even if we do not want to stand out or be the center of attention, we all have our personal style — something that we cherish very much and tend to apply into as many things as possible, from our house to our work desk, whether it is clothes or decorative objects. 

Customization and personalization are market trends, leaving general retailers and fast fashion behind. Either if you customize your phone or your bedding sets, we have listed a few items you can choose to personalize, so you can showcase the best of your style and personality by a glance. 

1 – Phone cases

Even if we try not to, we are all heavy smartphone users — and it is comprehensible. From work to leisure times, to read the news, to talk or see our beloved ones safely in times when social distancing is necessary, we basically use our smartphones from the time we wake up to the hour we go to sleep. 

In this scenario, the smartphone is our most used object. Naturally, we want it to showcase our personality as much as possible. With a wide range of options, you can choose a case for each moment: a subtle one for work, a glittery one for fun moments, and maybe one that is customized with a photo of your pet, your parents, your children, or just your favorite place in the world. 

2 – Linen sets

Since last year, we spent much more time at our homes and inevitably started to think about readjustments in everything house-related, from walls to a new (and good) cooking set, which brings us to linen and towel sets.

Getting good quality bedding and towel sets is a life-changing move. You will probably never want to hear about synthetic fabric and thin towels in your everyday life after you experience a spa moment in your house, right?

So you can customize linen and towel sets with embroidery initials or signs. This can make organization easier and adds a fancy touch to your trousseau.

3 – DIY clothes

As we said above, fast fashion days are approaching its end. It may reinvent itself, but it has been a while since personalizing your clothes and bags (usually on your own) is a trend.

It started with patches coming back to jackets and backpacks, but now we have pins, embroidery, and even tie-dye. The best thing is you can choose the level of personalization of each object. 

You can personalize a suitcase or a travel bag in a full wanderlust style. Maybe you want to get your initials embroidered subtly in your work bag or suit. If you love bling, add a pin (or lots of it!). 

4 – Paintings 

Since we talked about the household, paintings are decorative objects that definitely translate your preferences and style to your house. But since Picasso’s and Van Gogh’s are at the museums, we must search for alternatives. 

If you are looking for a hobby, you can join painting classes and dedicate one wall of your house to your own artwork. There are also therapeutic art kits available that you choose the image you prefer and get the full supply to paint it.

You can also search on the web for reinterpretations of classical paintings — maybe you can do a reinterpretation of your own. Dedicating time to art is a way to express yourself and your style. It also helps you to ease your mind from daily problems, relieving stress and improving life quality.