Care Tips For New And Old Cat Owners

Cats and humans have lived together for centuries. Cats have found their way into poetry, movies, musicals and more. In fact, cats usually believe that they rule the world. By reading this article you can learn a few things that can help you to care for your cat.

Cats enjoy getting into spaces that are small. If your cat gets caught on something wearing a traditional collar they could end up hurting their neck trying to break free. A breakaway collar let’s go if pulled on tightly. It can really be a life saver for your cat.

If your cat is a female, you’ll want to spay her once she reaches the proper age. It is best to spay your cat, even if you want to keep it as an indoor pet. Your best bet is to have your female cat spayed.

Cats sometimes will spend hours grooming themselves to perfection. When your cat has long hair, this can cause hairballs. There are special foods that can ease this issue. The are specially formulated cat foods that help reduce the instances of hairballs, which is not only good for your cat, but also good for you and your feet in the middle of the night.

You may be able to find a better deal on your cat’s prescription online instead of purchasing them from your veterinarian. There may be some cases in which you cannot buy online, such as in an emergency. But, if you’re having to buy pet medication regularly, you will be able to save up to half the price if you buy online.

Understand that cats enjoy being elevated. Allow them the space they need to feel safe while checking their world out. If you do not want cats making a mess in your house, remove breakable items from your shelves. Additionally, you can place a bed or blanket in this space.

You want your cat to be wearing a collar with ID tags on a full-time basis. Even if yours is an indoor cat, this is still an important safety measure. Cats tend to be curious and open doors and windows can be inviting. Include your contact number along with the name of your veterinarian. This is very important if your pet is likely to get lost or has some medical needs.

Litter Box

If the cat stops using their litter box all of a sudden, keep an eye on this. A common sign that a cat has a medical condition is failure to use the bathroom in the litter box. If your cat is not using the litter, kidney or bladder problems and infections may be the problem. Ask your vet if your cat begins missing the litter box.

Has your cat stopped using its litter box? If so, consider moving the box into another location. Make sure to put it in a quiet spot in your house. Basement areas and laundry rooms make perfect areas, as they have little traffic.

If you were home all the time when you first adopted your cat and are now going to be out of the home, your cat might get lonely without you there. You can purchase another cat to keep it company when you are away.

Dry food is best for adult cats. Wet food is appropriate for young kittens because they have still-developing teeth which are small and delicate. As kittens get their adult teeth, the hard food helps their keep teeth strong. Dry food and wet food can also be mixed together for a really finicky cat.

Health Problems

It’s good to keep your cat well fed, but overfeeding can cause a number of health problems. Eating over the normal amount can cause them to develop serious health problems or become obese. Carefully monitor your cat’s portions to make sure they eat a balanced diet.

Cats may be affected by the same illnesses humans get. You will be able to tell when the cat isn’t well. A trip to the vet is worth the time and money in these cases. That way the vet can rule out other more serious conditions.

If you want to do your best to keep your cat free from ticks, rabies or animal bites, keep him indoors. Some of those issues may affect indoor cats, but cats that are outside have a higher chance of dealing with them.

You should take a cat to the vet as regularly as you can, as it is a costly expense. You can save plenty of money by buying cat medication online. Do a quick online search, and you will find several companies that offer delivery service of the medications to your home. This can be convenient and cheap if your cat has to take medications regularly like once a month.

Think about restricting your cat to only indoors. Outdoor cats die younger and end up sick quite often. Some diseases even have the possibility of spreading to people in your home. Indoor cats love to have a sunny place to lounge and be comfortable.

Even if your cat stays inside full time, a tagged collar is a good idea. Cats are intelligent and may escape at any time if you’re not careful. Cats with collars and tags are much more likely to come home safe and sound if they get lost.

Many people want their cat to be groomed and clean, so they bathe them. However, bathing a cat is usually not necessary, unless he has had a mishap, or gets overly dirty. Cats constantly clean themselves with their barbed tongues, which is usually sufficient to remove run-of-the-mill dirt. Cats love to look good just like anyone else!

Your cat may feel that they rule your home or the universe. However, if you utilize the advice above, you can show your cat who’s really in charge. By establishing the ground rules, you can relax and enjoy the benefits of owning a lovable cat.